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It’s probably harmless fun for most, but borrows so heavily from so many other Disney films we got annoyed. Today we sin half a movie. What should have been half a movie. It’s safe to say we’re tiring of this series at this point. The Martian was one of the biggest hits of 2015, and was nominated for tons of year-end awards. But being as it’s set in space and in the near future, we thought it best to bring back Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson to help us separate this movie’s sins from its wins.

2 actors died yesterday 2020

  • More recently, however, Brontosaurus has been recognized as potentially distinct enough to be its own genus.
  • Prince of Egypt is an all-time classic animated film with incredible music and plenty of sins.
  • And at this point, you are either on board and you enjoy them, or you don’t even bother with them.
  • Wild Wild West was a big-budget adaptation of an old TV show, and on the heels of Will Smith’s success with Men in Black, had a lot of expectations…
  • A career bank robber breaks out of jail, and shares a moment of mutual attraction with a U.S.
  • In his “Dear Hollywood” video for the practice of splitting one book into two films for more profit, he ends with “P.S., end of Part 1”.

The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. Here’s one example of such a video, from his channel. CinemaSins’ Jeremy was not happy with the video, and accused Screen Junkies of lifting his idea. He posted a video on his secondary channel, and explained why he was upset. A widower takes an offer to screen girls at a special audition, arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife.

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Here’s everything wrong (and it’s a lot) with the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, At World’s End. Well, here’s hoping this is the last Taken movie we ever have to sin. In honor of the 100% unnecessary remake, we go looking for sins in the original Poltergeist. Gravity had such specific science-related sins, we thought it wise to bring in someone who knows TONS more than we do about science, Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson himself. Yep, that’s really him.


You know, martiño rivas hijo in honor of the upcoming “Rings” sequel/update/reboot/whatever. And they just keep on coming. Underworld movies are like cockroaches; where you see one…

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Screen Junkies apologized as well and subsequently cancelled the series. What’s the Damage is a video series where CinemaSins counts the actual cost of things damaged in a movie, with the prices coinciding with their worth at the time of release. CinemaSins is a web series created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson in 2012, dedicated entirely to pointing out the “sins” in movies. Finally finished watching.

“what’s The Damage?”

The second one is just… Today we return to the Saw franchise in order to thoroughly confuse ourselves trying to keep up with it. Look, The Rock and Kevin Hart are both likable enough that you expect at least a little something out of an action comedy starring the two of them. But when you do that… Because this movie is STUPID. The first Saw movie was clever and interesting and unpredictable.

Every fucking successful YouTuber does SEO and optimizes for money. All these channels do it. Bobvids then goes to say there’s nothing wrong with SEO unless you do it for money then you forfeit any meaning that content ever had. Results help shape your product. I’ve seen one or two CinemaSins videos in the past and found it shallow and trite. Watching this video was cathartic.

We still sinned it, because that’s sort of what we do, and we’ve been doing it for, like, 8 years now. Not sure why you’re surprised. Bad Boys for Life. It’s a movie, and because the first two were so long ago and the second one was so terrible…

Does Anyone Remember The Video With A Reference To Janet Jackson?

Unfortunately for Guy Ritchie and RDJ… This version of Sherlock Holmes did NOT go on to be definitive or even very memorable. Might be all the sins.